What to Do If You’ve Been Victim To Online Fraud

What is Online Fraud?

The online world has brought us all the wonders we could possibly desire. However, we haven’t seen its dark side yet. One side of the dark side is fraud. In the Internet realm, thousands of people have been abused by fraudsters.

Fraud is, obviously, a complete scam. Online scams run rampant in a manner that’s almost indefensible. You may come across an invitation to click on a link and fall victim to a scam. The key to avoiding scams is knowing what to look out for and not being sucked in to a trap.

Below are some common signs of online fraud that you should be mindful of in order to avoid falling victim to such ploys.

• Cuts the Person Off Using a Concealing Identity: Online fraudsters employ various disguises in order to cut a person off from communication.

Types of Online Fraud

Although there are numerous different kinds of online fraud, they all share a common trait: They are committed by “digital thieves.” They steal sensitive data that allows them to create fake identities and accounts on the web. They send out spam emails that are identified as having been sent by genuine companies but which contain fake attachments that contain malware.

Scammers are expert at creating fake phone numbers which appear legitimate and promise services that they do not provide. This is to ensure the victims respond in order to give the fraudsters the opportunity to steal their identities and financial information.

To prevent online fraud from occurring, it’s important to be aware of the various scams in circulation, and to report the suspect advertisements.

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Victim

Be careful of companies that advertise low prices without a possible track record. You may want to keep the details of your personal accounts confidential to avoid being targeted by a fraudster who would go out of their way to snoop on your information. Always opt for the highest rated option for funds transfer and online banking protection. That will give you the protection that you need, and the peace of mind that you need to live your life.

Stay away from untrustworthy advertisers and link to unique and secure log-in fields when signing up for various sites. Additionally, be mindful of downloads from unknown sources and install software updates to ensure that your software is up to date.

Remember, the best defense against online fraud is a good offense.

What to do if you were the victim of online fraud

In the rare cases that you’ve fallen victim to online fraud, then recovering your money may be even more difficult than dealing with the initial injury. And while you’re in the process of recovering your funds, make sure you first file a police report in order to turn over the investigative responsibilities to the police. It’s in the police report that the status of your case will be detailed in addition to any documentation that might help you to prove your case. Once you’ve filed a police report, contact an attorney or an online company that specializes in fund recovery. They can help you navigate the process of recovering funds and understand the various court procedures that you may need to use in your recovery efforts.

Contact your bank

Whenever you fall victim to a scam, you will come to learn that most frauds happen via banking websites. Banks make the rules. If your account has been hacked, your bank has the right to close your account and deny any withdrawal request. In such cases, you need to contact your bank and verify your personal details, including your account number, to avoid a major loss.

Block the fraudulent website

This is another great way to stop the fraudster from doing more harm to you. Cybercriminals typically do not think twice before launching a scam, and they will do it again and again and again. If you have been victimized by a scam, you can blacklist the fraudulent websites from your internet browser. But blocking the website doesn’t stop their daily attacks.

Report the crime to the police

The first thing you must do if you’ve been victimized by fraud is report the crime to the police. The call and report your stolen funds to the police so they can open an investigation and start working on getting the money back for you. Police don’t put much of a priority on scam victims, but they’ll be more apt to be more on top of the case if they’re dealing with your report in a timely manner.

Take steps to secure your account

Once the police have your report, they can open an investigation into the crime itself and start working on recovering the money. The police will recommend certain steps to secure your account to avoid future hacking.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC has a great online complaint form on their website which allows you to create a complaint and submit it. It’s important to note that the FTC can only provide you with information. The only thing they are able to do is notify the criminal organizations or individuals involved and, based on the severity of the crime, they may even issue an official notice that can be brought to the court and the judge.

The FTC can also help you file a civil lawsuit against the entity in question, but unfortunately, they can only do so if you don’t have any assets of your own to bring. So, if you have invested a substantial amount of your own money, please do not file a civil lawsuit against the scammer.

Contact your local authorities, such as the police department or district attorney’s office

If you believe you’re a victim of online fraud, you should reach out to the police. The authorities should investigate the matter and they may also find the person behind it. The police will inform you of your rights if you’re a victim of fraud and how you can prove you’re not in the wrong for what happened. If you’re in the US, the FBI is a good source of finding out if you’re a victim of fraud. The police may refer you to these authorities. In the UK, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau also maintains a useful database for tracking online fraud cases.

Take actions to protect your privacy and to regain control over your financial future

If you’ve been defrauded, you’ll need to do everything in your power to recover your stolen funds.

Seek out fund recovery companies

Fund recovery companies take over your case and takes it to the judge. They are paid by the entity (scammer or lender) that stole your funds. They have the ability to recover your funds as well.

Fund recovery agencies bring up difficult charges for the perpetrators which may include repossession, garnishment, penalty assessments, and small claims. They work closely with your local prosecutors so that your case is taken to the very top of the case. They then present your case and the evidence that they’ve gathered at a grand jury.

You have the right to an attorney if you need one. Sometimes it’s best if you handle this yourself. But, if you can afford to use one, fund recovery is a great option to pursue.

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